The Human Resources Department at INO is committed to attracting top-tier talent capable of innovative and unconventional thinking to shape the company's future. We seek individuals who can align themselves with INO's corporate culture, values, and specific roles and responsibilities.

Recruitment Process

Applicants are reviewed based on their competencies and experiences. Depending on the position, they may be  asked to be administered a personality inventory, foreign language, or general proficiency tests. Applicants, who are approved following these assessments, are invited for a second interview with the Human Resource Specialist, and then a third interview with our founder and chairman.

The company’s database makes a record of all applications submitted to INO Networks Group.

Join the INO Team

All applications to join the INO Team are received via the application page.

Evaluation Process

The Recruitment Team extends a job offer to candidates who are approved subsequent to evaluations and interviews. A certain time frame is granted to the candidate to accept or decline the offer.

Performance and Career Management

INO Networks Group seeks to enable continuous performance improvement for both the organization and its personnel. INO employees get benefits from individual mentorship, coaching, and career planning provided by the founder and chairman.

Career Management

Career trajectories are shaped by taking into account the outcomes of performance assessments, requisite training, and the alignment of training results with the job role. Employees who excel in these criteria are ushered into the talent development program, paving their way to emerging as future leaders within INO Networks Group.

Training and Development

INO Networks Group believes that a training and development process that nurtures constant learning, experience, and progress for employees is essential to the organizational growth and improvement. The necessary roadmap is planned by combining the organization’s business areas, and priorities with employee requirements in training activities.

All employees are provided with a range of opportunities and possible changes for growth.