INO places sustainability at the heart of its corporate strategy, viewing it as both a fundamental value and objective, and recognizes the pivotal role of leadership in this domain. INO in alignment with this vision, gives precedence to innovative sustainability solutions for its clientele, ensuring an eco-conscious approach that fulfills its economic and societal obligations.

For the effective execution of its strategy and the realization of its objectives, INO depends on the caliber of services it delivers, collaboration with stakeholders, and the diligence and performance of its workforce.

Economic Sustainability 

The bedrock of INO's economic sustainability comprises operational efficacy, client contentment, and investments in the industry. As an industry frontrunner, one of INO’s primary ambitions is to operate at peak efficiency. Enhancing operational productivity is instrumental in elevating customer satisfaction and bolstering profitability. In pursuit of this, INO is steadfast in its commitment to perpetual enhancement and growth initiatives.

Social Sustainability 

Employee contentment takes center stage in the company’s social sustainability objectives. This stems from INO's recognition of its employees as its most prized assets. Vigilant in tracking the latest breakthroughs in the industry, INO holds training in high regard as a conduit for assimilating these advancements. It orchestrates a blend of internal and external training programs to guarantee that employees remain abreast of the evolving landscape in the field.

Ethical Principles and Code of Business Conduct

INO has issued a Code of Conduct to imbue ethical principles among its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and the wider community. These principles have been integral to its business processes since the company’s inception. The Code of Conduct functions as a compass to ensure that all stakeholders internalize and consistently apply these ethical values in business operations, as well as to facilitate the implementation of necessary measures should there be any deviation.

INO’s Ethical Principles and Code of Business Conduct primarily encompass:

1. Advancing the common good,

2. Adherence to laws and regulatory frameworks,

3. Safeguarding employee rights and fostering favorable working conditions,

4. Engaging constructively with business affiliates and societal stakeholders,

5. Advocating for corporate rights and upholding transparency.