•   Kemal KIRIKKANAT
  •  08/07/2024

Dinosaurs vs. Visionaries in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

“Technological advancements…” This phrase has become a cliché. Everyone thinks they are using technology, but are they really? We see this trend in the freight forwarding and logistics sector as well.

The business world adapted to remote work during the pandemic. Yet, our company, INO Networks Group had already been implementing remote work for our competent employees since 2016. Online meetings also became integral to our work life at that time. We lived and felt the benefits of online and virtual meetings during the pandemic, feel free to express it online or virtual, no need to become academic here, I guess.

Who didn’t like remote or home-based work? In my opinion, those who struggled with managing remote teams—the "*dinosaurs"—did not enjoy of this idea. Add to this mix a workforce lacking self-discipline, awareness, and career plans, and we began to forget about both remote work and online meetings. This concept, which emerged during the pandemic and quickly evolved, has now morphed into discussions about shorter work hours. Fortunately, our company ("INO Networks Group") quietly demonstrated its vision by implementing a 26-hours work a week for our staff.

Today, we proudly introduce a new platform to our sector: "The Freight Days". This is the only online platform dedicated to the freight forwarding industry, offering unprecedented benefits and advantages. I cannot be humble here!

Save Time. Save Money. Save Human Resources: Make Dinosaurs understand that!

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop. You can instantly meet hundreds of freight forwarders online, and you can attend meetings from the comfort of your home or office. You will enjoy online meetings for different regions every week. Furthermore, each event lasts 10 hours, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. and you can go online or offline anytime during the event.

You don’t need to:

- Make elaborate arrangements before or after an event.

- Disrupt your daily routine to develop your business.

- Spend thousands of dollars on travel, including flights, accommodation etc.

- Pay membership fees.

- Worry about manpower shortages.

Starting today, you can buy your ticket for $69.99 per delegate! I repeat here: "The Freight Days" is the only online meeting platform that gathers freight forwarders worldwide. It’s the most economical and smartest way to build connections in the industry.

Unlike traditional meetings:

- There is no need for pre-booking or scheduling one-to-one meetings in advance.

- You can go online anytime you wish without disrupting your daily routine, all from the comfort of your office or home.

- You can easily include your employees in the meetings to strengthen connections with agents.

- You can save on flight tickets, accommodation, and high registration fees.

🚀 Secure your spot now and enjoy seamless benefits by visiting

I am curious, how will the dinosaurs in our sector respond to this visionary approach? Will they continue to spend thousands of dollars to meet their freight agents or possible partners (travel, accommodation, visas, registration fees, etc.), or will they choose to include their employees in the process and quickly boost their profitability?

I must mention that online meetings are not an alternative to physical meetings, but a complement to them. I believe you are smart enough to get the point, see you soon at

Best Regards. 
Kemal KIRIKKANAT, Founder & CEO


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*Dinosaurs are defined in this article as people who think they know everything, insist on it, and are not open to trying new things.