An employee undeniably requires a conducive workspace to perform effectively. As such, providing a comfortable office is an essential facility a company can offer to enhance its employees' productivity. The location of the office significantly influences the company's progression, making it a paramount consideration during the success journey. In this regard, Bayrakli emerges as one of the optimal choices for business, given its strategic placement in the epicenter of Izmir's vibrant business scene.

Our Employees First

Office equipment is as essential for our employees' health as it is for their performance. Our company not only provides state-of-the-art electronic devices but also a range of facilities such as ergonomic chairs, laptop risers, wrist-supported mice, lumbar support, footrests, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, air humidifiers, and air purifiers for the employees.

Convenient Access to Food Courts

Who doesn't enjoy a gastronomic adventure? Even within the office environment, it's sometimes essential to indulge our senses during lunch breaks or after work. An office in a strategic location typically ensures proximity to a diverse range of eateries offering an array of culinary options. This accessibility greatly simplifies the task for employees to fulfill their dietary needs whenever they desire.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Whether employees or potential clients are traveling from distant locations, reaching the office need not be a concern. If the office is situated strategically, it ensures effortless access to diverse public transportation options. This facilitates quicker, safer, and more cost-effective commutes to the office for everyone.

Adapting Lifestyle to Suit Empoyees’ Needs

An office equipped with ample amenities is undoubtedly a desirable aspect for many. These facilities serve as useful distractions for employees when they need a break from work, especially since they're conveniently located nearby. Be it fitness centres, mini-markets, or cafes, these can rejuvenate employees and naturally induce lifestyle changes. The strategic area houses more than just office buildings; it includes public places like department stores, hotels, and sports stadiums. The office's proximity to these facilities greatly appeals to potential clients or business individuals when considering office space in a strategic location.

At INO Networks Group, we are cognizant of the needs of our employees in the office and work environment.