Within the scope of our understanding of corporate social responsibility, one of our fundamental values is to take into account not only the expectations of our employees, customers, and shareholders but also those of the broader society.

We fortify our engagement with the community and deepen our commitment to corporate social responsibility through activities that are focused on adhering to legal standards, serving as a role model, and contributing to the advancement of the industry. This includes taking an active role in industry associations and sponsoring sector-specific summits, among other initiatives.


Natural resources are dwindling, habitats for various species are vanishing, and the adverse impact on nature by human activities continues to escalate. At INO, our foremost priorities encompass the attainment of sustainable growth through the cultivation of business processes and projects that are kind to the environment. In line with this, the company extends its support to non-governmental organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. Moreover, INO is committed to adopting business models with an ecological emphasis and actively fosters environmental consciousness among its workforce. We firmly believe that it is incumbent upon companies to contribute positively towards ensuring a more habitable world for the generations to come.


Nurturing future generations to become more compassionate and well-rounded individuals is a cornerstone of INO's corporate social responsibility policy. INO is dedicated to playing an active role in shaping a better society by backing educational initiatives aimed at fostering contemporary generations that are aligned with the cultural and societal values of the communities they are part of.